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Spring Fever Under $30

_5598625I’ve been suffering from winter depression. There’s something about brisk weather that doesn’t excite  me like it does other Americans. I am, after all, from the Philippine islands. I’m a huge fan of 90-degree weather; that’s what I grew up knowing. And beyond hot-hot-heat, I’m also a fan of what comes after winter — spring!

Not only do I love the onslaught of April showers and May flowers, I’m looking forward to sporting bright colors once again. I’m hiding my blacks, grays and eggplants, and trading them in for greens, yellows and teals. I can’t wait!

My first order of (shoe) business: these Sperry Top-Sider “Gatsby” Wedge. They’re the perfect walking shoe. And get this, they only set me back $29.99 at Nordstrom (they’re on sale, down from $79.95).

Shopping tip alert! If you buy last year’s spring stuff now, you can really make out quite well. And yes, some stores still have last year’s stock. Plus, don’t be disappointed if you don’t see a sale rack at the likes of Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor. They have plenty of stuff on sale online. So what if you can’t try it on? There’s always the refund policy.


Fringes everywhere

Here I’m finding myself on the bed trying to forget the fact that we are in the middle of Milan fashion week presenting the Fall/winter 2009 collection and instead focus on the spring/summer 2009 trends.

Many times spotting and individuating trends may seem very complicated, but if you stop, and think back on what you have seen last season or what you are seeing in the stores right now you will find that it’s actually not that hard.

An example of this is the fringes and African inspired trend that is very strong this spring/summer.
You find the fringes everywhere on ready to wear, bags and of course on our shoes.

This is however nothing new, if you look back you will realise that this is a trend that you began to see already last spring/summer. Many of the big fashion houses began to use both fringes and ethnical fabrics for their spring/ summer 2008 collections, not in a very pronounced way but…
Then the trend became a little more pronounced for the fall/winter 2008-2009 collections and now for the spring/summer 2009 the fringes are on everyone’s lips.
To give you some examples let’s begin with maybe the most famous of them all GUCCI just have a look at this booth from there fall/winter 2008 collection, or these GIANNA MELIANI boots to just mention two of them. For the spring summer instead you find the fringes in almost every collection.
This means that this summer you can be super trendy to a more over comely price. Just have a look at the sandals from GLITTERPINK or VIENTY.








The Academy Awards aka the “Oscars” are the pinnacle of Hollywood fashion fantastic-ness each year. EVERYONE waits eagerly to see what the celebrated nominees and Oscar attendees are wearing on this special day. Stylists work months in advance to make sure their clients have the most fabulous, exciting, gorgeous, beautiful dress. Sometimes this anticipation ends in awe and amazement (Frieda Pinto looked like an Indian goddess in a blue one shoulder beaded Galliano Couture delight), and sometimes it ends in disappointment (Jessica Biel looked like she wrapped herself in old gray frumpy cloth). This year, as given in the examples cited previously was no exception. One thing about the Oscars as opposed to the Grammys, is it tends to be a very very formal event in which actors make some more conservative wardrobe decisions and footwear choices are even less daring if at all visible. BUMMER. Except in the case of Heidi Klum whose bright red dress got mixed reviews but daringly and boldly wore an up-to-there slit showcasing a color coordinated pair of red shoes. Go Heidi! Whether you liked the dress or not, you cant really be mad at the shoes. Who hates red stilettos? Come on.

So that is why us shoe lovers, we like to venture over to the after-parties! People are way more exciting-dressing there then at the actual awards. And, you’ve got your options- Vanity Fair, Elton John for AIDS, Mercedes Benz, Slumdog Millionaire/Wrestler etc. Generally speaking, this year it’s not saying much though. Our consistently best dressed rule breakers (Gwen wore great black Chanel couture but we’ve seen her more dramatic, Cate, JLo and Jennifer Connelly were absent from festivities) were a bit safer than usual. Since I do try and see the glass half full, in this situation I was able to find a few ladies who made interesting choices. Daring behavior will always lead to mixed reviews and everyone’s two cents (Hello Mickey Rourke! Who cares what everyone else says I think you are a fashion genius!) and so I present you the most ballsy looks and you can form your opinion after you hear mine. :-)

1. Rachel Weisz @ Vanity Fair Party. Had one of the most awesome shoes. Her shoes make her outfit whether you dig it or not. She seemed a teeny bit more casual then everyone else in her Narcisco Rodriguez but whatever! Her footwear choice was bold and ballsy when everyone else was doing dainty. I love that. She might have been doing an S+M bondage themed outfit but she is doing fashion in my book.

2. Ginnfer Goodwin @ Vanity Fair Party. I loved her purple satin platform sandals. While many of our girls coordinated black with black metallic and beading with metallic shoes, etc, Ginnifer the lovely rising star did purple with purple. Two thumbs up.

3. Dita Von Teese @ Elton John’s Annual AIDS Fundraiser. Ms. Von Teese is one of those fashion icons that is so0 perfectly classic that people seem to be fooled into thinking she is edgy and avant-garde. The woman is always fabulously coiffed and put together but notice here she didn’t coordinate her outfit à la her signature 1950’s movie star style. Instead she pops her sunny outfit with some red pumps. Shes on this list because her shoes complete her look.

Now what do you think?


Modesty, Anyone?

I never understood those stories about the late 19th century. You know the ones.

A lady captivates a gent with nothing more than a sliver of bare ankle peeking from her dress. My thoughts immediately drift to Beyonce in a body suit and wonder how they survived back then.

But today, I saw a seductive ankle. No, The Seductive Ankle. The Seductive Ankle made use of three things: rolled-up straight-leg jeans over fishnets and gray suede pumps.

I dashed past other pedestrians just to linger behind The Seductive Ankle at a red light.

069I haven’t seen anything like them in stores but EBay has some sleek options. Simple and to the point, these round-toe beauts hit The Seductive mark. And I found quite a few pairs starting at $10.

a3c8_1Next up, MJ’s with button detail take the whole Edwardian thing to a new level.

img_2040My best find of the day are these enchantingly classy Walter Steiger 3-inch heels with delicate stitching at the toe. They don’t leave much space for the top of your foot to peak out. But they leave plenty to the imagination.


My Grown-Up Shoes

1311499537_lgI’m a forgetful person — I never know when my loved ones’ birthdays are, I forget where I put things, and I can’t even remember what I ate yesterday. Regardless of age, I know this to be true of myself. I’ve been this way since I was a little girl. But, I justify to people: I may not remember little tidbits like dates, occurrences, and numbers. However, what I do remember about any given moment is the feeling — and what I was wearing.

Today, I got renter’s insurance. It was a must for my new snazzy apartment (which I’ll be moving in this weekend). I’ve been living on my own for a handful of years now, but my previous homes have been, well, crap-holes. Now, I’m moving into a grown-up’s apartment! Hoorah!

I went to my broker’s office today to show proof of renter’s insurance and to hand in my security deposit (a whopping sum, as you can imagine), as well as my first month’s rent. The hefty costs of moving leave a grown-up very little to spend on shoes. Luckily, Carlos Santana is on sale at

Today, as I signed my lease, gave up lots of money for the sake of (fabulous) shelter and protection for my valuables in the event of apartment catastrophe, I felt nothing less than fantastic. Finally, I’m a grown-up. I will never forget this feeling. I will never forget the shoes that I was wearing. My Carlos Santana Daring Platform High Heel Oxfords (appropriately named, wouldn’t you say?) only set me back $59.99.


Spotted: The Perfect Work Boots

I’m sitting on the subway and I see these boots.  I’m walking down Newbury Street and I see these boots.  I’m in a major teaching hospital and I see these boots.  When did this memo re: fabulous yet understated boots get sent out and why was I not CC’d?

Yes, you get the message–work-boots-24feb09I’m in love with these boots.  I know what you’re thinking though–black boots?  So what?  But take another look–these are not just any black boots, but the perfect work boots.  The wide, solid heel avoids the “I’ve been walking on two pins all day” feeling by 5pm.  In addition, they narrow at the toe, creating a flattering, feminine silhouette.  I’m sure chunky shoes are flattering on someone out there, but thus far, I have yet to meet her.  Finally, the buckle details add a dash of equestrian chic, taking a simple shape and tweaking it just slightly.

You can find these boots (Edelweiss by Matisse) here or on just about any well-dressed girl walking around these days.  Consider yourself CC’d.


One is always sexiest when they know how to walk!

pelamodaFashionistas across the city will tell you that they live for Fashion Week: Those actually involved in it will tell you they actually sort of dread it.

Day in, day out, for a little over a week, the media involved will hardly sleep as they pop from runway to party to next runway to next party – often without so much as time for a wardrobe change, let alone a nap.

One morning early last week called on me visiting the very exclusive penthouse of celebrity stylist Robert Verdi, to sit down to breakfast and chat about all things celebrity, trends, and breakfast buns. As he’s pretty huge in the biz, I didn’t want to give him anything to gossip about after I left, and brought out my new beloved stilettos – Pelle Moda Women’s Doheny Open-Toe from

Paired with my uniform of little black dress and chunky sterling jewels, it offered just enough of a color splash to depict my personality – and just enough height that i felt empowered and, well, important enough to be breakfasting with Robert Verdi.

I stepped off the elevator, and saw smiling faces before me. I walked toward them, smile and wave, and took a quick cursory glance at my outfit, making sure I was well-coiffed…

And walked face-first into a glass door.

Suddenly, I was a whole lot more Bridget Jones then Carrie Bradshaw.


This Little Piggie Wore Manolos

Tonight is the Academy Awards, which will be a night of much star-gazing, shoe-coveting and toe gazing.  And those toes better be spiffy.

Here in Boston, it is still freezing and gray outside, but we can get a bit of summer in our lives by visiting my favorite place to get my Oscar Worthy toes–Wet Paint Nail Spa in Cambridge.

Run by a mother-daughter team, the place is famous for its cleanliness and luxurious pedicures.  Prices are mid-range for a regular pedicure, less than Newbury Street spas, but slightly more than the ubiquitous neon-sign sporting salons that boast the $20 mani-pedi combo.   It is worth the extra cost.  Here’s why:

1.) Michelle Phoenix, the owner.  I started going here once a month about two years ago on the recommendation of a friend.  At this point, I think of Michelle as a friend (albeit, one I pay).  She is funny, interesting and could probably kick anyone’s butt at trivia.

She is an artist.  Looking for a fun pedicure to wear to a disco party?  Phoenix can create a one-of-a kind pedi that will make any shoes pop.  Further, a pedi with her feels a lot like a trip to brunch with the ladies from Sex and the City–not a bad way to spend an hour.  And do expect to spend some time.  Phoenix takes her time, examining your feet and offering suggestions for their care.  Your feet will look better than your best kicks once she is done.

My last “disco” pedi:


2.) Cleanliness.  Much as cheap pedicures might appeal, there is a reason they are so cheap–they skimp in other areas.  Yes, boys and girls, you could get foot fungus.  Or worse.  Who knows what might be lurking in those tubs or on the razors of highly unethical places that still use it.  Wet Paint is famous for their tubs that are drained and sanitized after every client, for their impeccable tools and their adherence to safety standards.  So I spend a little more to keep my feet ready for my hottest strappy sandals.  A good trade, indeed

3) Green Standards.  Walk into Wet Paint and you will not see the OPIs or the Essies that litter other salons.  This is because their polishes are “3 Free.”  In other words, they are free of formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate – the 1st 2 are carcinogens and the 3rd is an endocrine interrupter.  “All phthalates have been banned from cosmetics in the EU and hopefully the US will soon follow suit,” says Phoenix who made the switch long before other salons.  Additonally, Phoenix has had the salon evaluated by Nstar for electricity usage.  There is low VOC paints on the walls.  They re-cycle paper and plastic. All toe separators are cornstarch packing peanuts that dissolve in the water.  If you are looking for an environmentally sound pedicure to show off in your vegan shoes, Wet Paint  is the place to get it.

4.) A little bit of summer in the Boston winter.  Ok, so the reality is not many people see our toes in the winter (save for our yoga class and to my fellow students may I just say: get thee to Wet Paint ASAP), but why not indulge our feet all year long?  Phoenix’s salon is painted in yellow, hot pink and neon green, a bright and cheery oasis when it is gray and depressing outside.

I questioned whether to write this post for fear of competition, but so many people ask me why my toes always look so good in my sandals or on my yoga mat.  Wet Paint is my secret weapon–a salon whose mission is, according to Phoenix, “to be clean and green”, offer “pampering without pretension” and to provide “expert natural nail care for healthy hands and feet.”

Get thee to Wet Paint, but if you take my spot, we will have words.




These fabulous Fall 2009 Balmain crystal studded sandals were spotted most recently on Jennifer Connelly at the Los Angeles Premiere of ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’. A month ago Molly Sims wore the same shoe to an event over in Europe. Sooo who wore that shoe better you ask??

Ms. Connelly shows off the details and overall character of the shoe with her long legs bare in a cool, futuristic emerald green mini dress which actually helps pop the shoe with its color.  Ms. Sims hides half of the shoe, the gorgeous ankle strap with an odd fitting jump suit. If you are going to invest in a $1900 pair of shoes with fantastic detailing and bling bling, why would you in your right mind hide them?! The Verdict here is obvious:  MOLLY NEEDS TO STEP IT UP. JENNIFER WINS BY A LANDSLIDE!!!


Working Some Cleopatra Magic

elie-tahariCleopatra may not have had stacked heels to play with in her day, but Egyptian chic reigns on, especially this season with the Romanesque trends from the runway. It’s the year to show off those Grecian gowns and play the Roman goddess, so when you want to be the ultimate enchantress for the night, take a cue from Cleopatra with some metallic leather sandals.

These dark gray lovelies from Elie Tahari are designed with a stacked 4 ½” heel and a distinctive serpentine-inspired strap to hold your overpriced pedicure in place. These are platforms, so you’ll have some help in keeping your ankles and knees in good shape during the all-night party escapades.

They’re a ravishing, sophisticated and ultra-chic pair to complement a long gown or dress up a mini-skirt or tailored shorts for the evening. Practice your trot before venturing into unknown territory on the skinny heel, and you’ll be well on your way to being the goddess of the evening.

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