Winter Wellieland

Remember when old man winter showed up early, uninvited and unannounced to Boston (and all of New England, actually) nearly two weeks before his due date? Oh yeah, that was just about every day last week.

If shoes are a girl’s best friend, then slushy wet snow is her worst. Don’t get me wrong. I love a white Christmas or a festive little flurry. But when the weather hinders my heel wearing, that’s where I draw the line.

My six-mile commute to work went from mildly frustrating to flat-out infuriating when I had to forego my black, knee-high Enzo Angiolini leather boots to hoof it to the bus stop in the snow. That was, until, I found the perfect pair of wellies: camouflage with bright yellow trim, size six, and …wait for it. 20 bucks.

I normally skip over J.Crew for more fashion-forward yet still office appropriate finds, and I’m pretty sure the last thing I bought there was a pair of navy blue leather clogs during my pseudo-granola phase that lasted about two months during seventh grade.

But something – perhaps it was all the plaid? – compelled me to check out J.Crew’s sale section. I found the perfect pair of rain, snow, sleet, slush and all-things-gross-resistant boots. My lucky day! The camo wellies reminded me of my college years (and by that I mean, uh, about two years ago) when I could wear camouflage headbands and knee-high Timberland boots and get away with it.

I’m pretending to be too sophisticated for that now, and I think I’m pulling it off. Bring on the snow.

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