Chic In Snow… Making the Impossible Possible

All this winter weather had me pretty down, mostly because I can’t wear my high heeled boots anymore. Believe me, I tried. Thinking that perhaps the sidewalk had been salted enough to add some grip, I took a couple of steps outside before sliding quickly toward my neighbor’s black lab, Lucy. She dodged me gracefully before looking back with an expression that read, “You’re not getting anywhere in those, honey. ” Lucy, I should mention, was wearing snow shoes. Seriously — tiny, sensible little waterproof shoes with rubber grippers.

I decided then and there to go on a quest for winter boots that I would actually want to wear. The stipulations were: that they must be tall enough to keep snow out, must not have a huge rounded front, which makes wee people like me look like Muppets, must have enough room to fit my skinny jeans inside, and must be chic enough to wear with most things. Now, I realize that like, ninety percent of snow boots don’t fit into those specifications. It’s a good thing I’m a girl who loves the thrill of the hunt.

After about an hour at DSW, I swear angels started singing and a light shone down on this pair of Cole Haan boots, called Mardi. Waterproof. Tall enough. Narrow toe. Lace up to fit over jeans. And tres tres tres chic. Ooh la la! I’m totally in love with them, and they even held up nicely in the middle of the blizzard last week. Now that I’ve fallen so hard (in love, mind you, not literally), I have a feeling that I’m going to hate to give them up in the spring…


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