A new year, a high hell

Midnight silk dress by a cool Swedish designer, check
Smokey eye makeup and glowing skin, check
Shoes… Miss Sixty peep toe pumps, check

I’ve been walking everywhere since the day I arrived in Sydney (Australia) from Melbourne for work. And while the ballet flats I’ve been wearing have been great for my feet, I don’t have that sexy strut that my friends in heels have. And tonight, that’s going to change.

I step into my 3.5 inch high Miss Sixty heels. Wow it’s been a a few months since I’ve worn these… to be quite honest it’s been a long time since I’ve worn heels this high. Boy, have I missed being 3.5 inches taller. Not to sound cliché, but I feel like a natural woman. Though what I did not miss was the wobble in my step.

That wasn’t there before!

Though like riding a bike, you have a few wobbles at first before going smoothly on your way. At least I hoped so, I was longing for that sexy supermodel strut as I walked along the street. You know the one that turns heads when you’re out on a girl’s night out and all of you are strutting around like finely preened ponies? Like Carrie Bradshaw and co in Sex and the City when they were on their way to a fine New York bar, minus all the men in their lives.

Right, if I can make it to the other side of the room and back at a decent speed, I’ll be happy.

Yes I did it! Though I don’t know how long I can stand in these. I think I’ll down-size an inch in heel and try again next week.
Practice makes perfect, which is why my New Year’s resolution for 2008 is for a stiletto-heeled future. I must wear heels at least twice a week.

Now to get out my Legwork DVD workout, its tag line says it will give you sexier legs and the ability to wear high heels for longer. Worth a try I guess.


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