Fashion or function?

I’ve always been one of those fashion-over-function types, which is probably one of the reasons I’d intended to walk into the sporting goods store and pick out the cutest sneakers they had. One of my resolutions for 2008 was to work out more…and a girl just can’t work out properly with last year’s sneakers! (I know, I know.)

As a salesman approached me while I was looking at a pair of stylish kicks. I explained to him that I was looking for workout shoes, and he pointed in the direction of the white wall…white sneakers as far as the eye could see. I was really interested in the cute little number I currently held in my stubborn little hand—so much more fashionable! After some hesitation, I approached the wall. I have to do this right. White shoes, puffy shoes, astronaut shoes. Blah! Then I really looked. And they weren’t so bad.

These cost of these Pumas was a bit more than I’d wanted to spend at around $125, but they’re quite stylish.

I found these Adidas running shoes for $95. Still too pricey.

Finally, I found them. The shoes that were going to provide both fashion and function. For about a mere $60, I selected these sneakers by Asics.

I can wear these to the gym, or even to meet my friends for coffee. Completely perfect.

Have I worked out in them? Yes, once. I must say, however, they were so comfortable and lightweight. I’ve just had a busy schedule…

-Rebecca Mercurio


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