Furry Power Boots

Ever had a pair of shoes you consider your power shoes?

How I adore my suede-and-rabbit-trimmed black lace-up boots. Yes, I know it’s politically incorrect to wear fur, but at least it’s rabbit! It could be worse! It could be…uh, tiger fur? But I digress. These boots keep my feet so very warm in the winter, and look fantastic besides. Yet they were expensive boots from the shoe store Baker’s, and I couldn’t quite afford them. I used to look at them in their window display at a nearby mall and be all, “Hi, Boots! You will be mine someday! Yes, someday!!” I longed for these boots the same way Donald Trump longs to have decent-looking hair.

Four years ago I finally came into possession of the boots, as they were a birthday present from my sister. I absolutely believe that these boots are my power boots. How do I know that? Among other things, they helped land me a job! I went to audition for a professional traveling theater company in my furry power boots, and ended up getting hired and acting for the company for 3+ years! I was known as the “Boots Girl.” One of the directors actually said “Hire Boots” after my audition. That director and I are now dating, and he still likes to refer to me as “Sexy Boots.” He is quite the boots man himself, as he is never seen in anything other than his black combat boots. I think the combat boots are one of the things that first attracted me to him, for I always loved a man in combat boots. *Sigh, swoon, etc.* There’s just something that’s really hot about a cute guy in a pair of combat boots. To me combat boots say “I am rugged and manly. You will never see me in loafers and a sweater vest.” Do other women feel that way about combat boots, or is it just me? It’s something to ponder… Before I really knew him I referred to him as “Combat Boots Boy.” Ironic, no?

My furry power boots helped me stand out at that fateful audition. They played a part in what is still one of my favorite acting jobs ever. Working for that company was like being part of a traveling circus, except there were drunken audience members instead of dancing bears. (Is there that big a difference between the two? Again, it’s something to ponder…) Does dressing for success work? In my humble opinion, heck yes! I still have my furry power boots, and I shall wear them until they can’t keep my feet warm anymore. Actually I might still wear them, cold feet and all, as they are truly a classic piece of footwear!


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