Never Say Never

My shoes are like my children and like any good mother, I can’t choose favorites – but if I had to pick, it would definitely be my four inch patent leather peep-toe heels that go with everything.

They are the kind of shoes every girl should have in her collection. I wear them with jeans, skirts, little black dresses and everything in between. They make my legs look longer, my butt look tighter and my smile look brighter. I’ve gotten so many compliments on them; they are my secret weapon. When I strut into a trendy bar wearing these shoes, I look fierce (and much taller than I actually am). There’s just one tiny, little, miniscule, eensy, weensy, insignificant problem… they hurt like hell.

Without fail, every single time I wear these shoes, I go home with a limp and oozing blisters. A couple weeks ago I swore to the Shoe Gods themselves, “I am NEVER wearing these shoes again!” It’s a vicious cycle. I’m forced to wear boring flats for the next week, and my aching feet slowly heal. Then the weekend rolls around and I’m faced with the grueling task of picking out my “I’ll flirt with you all night if you buy my drinks” outfit (usually low-rise jeans and a blank, lacy tank). Everything in my wardrobe revolves around this one glorious pair of pumps. So I do what any fashion-conscious girl would do: toss some band-aids into my clutch, slip on these ultra cute torture-chamber-for-feet shoes and dance the night away!

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