Low Carbon Boots

It’s true, I’m guilty of loving shoes. But I don’t want to kill the planet with my obsession. Thankfully, world designers are hearing our call and creating sleeker shoes with less of a carbon footprint.

Wait, carbon footprint?

Did I lose you? Everyone has a carbon footprint and we’d like to see yours reduced (while staying in style, of course). A carbon footprint is the impact the things we produce (and ultimately buy) have on the environment in terms of green house gases emitted to make that item (and bring it to you). Two easy ways to reduce your carbon imprint is to buy recycled goods and purchase locally-made products.

Still lost? Basically, it is cool these days to save our warming planet. So why not take the green revolution one step further and stick it on your feet!

These sexy boots from UK company Terra Plana are helping us all make a smaller imprint on our Earth while looking good. The leather on these babies are tanned by vegetable extracts, instead of toxic chemicals and are partially made from recycled materials. If that wasn’t cool enough, they are light weight and most of the materials were sourced locally. That means not only do you exert less energy when hitting the town, but the planet didn’t have to put up with too many pollutants to bring them your way.
We can all breath a little better and dance a little longer for that!
The Terra Plana Willow Shoe. Check www.terraplana.com for a store near you.


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