A Pair of Innocent Shoes

In a tragic Christmas-shopping accident, I tripped over a curb and fell onto a New York City sidewalk. I had to toss aside my Chinese food to protect my precious shopping booty and, at the last second, I prevented my face from sliding across concrete with a flip of my wrist (only to have it tightly wrapped in ace bandage later). My Diba boots made it through unscathed.

Upon hearing of my mishap, my boyfriend accused my high-heeled boots of causing my fall. I informed him that such a suggestion was ludicrous. It was my mistake for misjudging the height of the curb. And after an entire day of mall trekking, how could they possibly be held accountable for a silly little tumble?

Regardless, the boyfriend in question suggested I stop wearing high heels. After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I schooled him on the importance of heels, the designers I love and how incredible they make my butt look.
After all, he has seen my closet overflowing with shoes of the high-heeled persuasion. He’s witnessed my drooling over Gucci boots on Bluefly.com, my mouse hovering over the “Add to Shopping Bag” button, this close to emptying my savings account just to feel that supple leather on my calves. And he’s sat through my numerous visits to DSW to scour the aisles for those designer deals I brag about, such as the time I found a pair of Chinese Laundry sandals for a small fee and just in time for a wedding. How could anyone advise me to give it all up?

Well, just to be safe, next year I’ll stick to shopping online.


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