Have your heels…and wear them, too

I remember my mom buying me my first pair of heels when I was about six years old. (They were yellow, two inch high slides, the life-sized version of my Barbie’s). In middle school, when other girls were wearing the oh-so-popular Doc Martens with their plaid kilts and knee socks, I was wearing chunky heels resembling the men’s Oxford styles that were in style last fall (fashion repeat).

I did go through a faze when my family lived in Bermuda of going barefoot, but I still looked forward to dressing up for fancy dinners and donning my favorite strappy black three-inch numbers. When I got to college, I grew two whole inches – my footwear consisted of very few sneakers like other students; instead, I wore five-inch platforms or stilettos throughout the winters and summers, no matter if I was dancing in clubs or studying at the library.

By the end of college, and many painful steps later, I decided to branch out a little and discovered fashionable footwear that wouldn’t totally kill my feet (hello, fabulous cowboy boots). I still had my stubborn moments like one particularly snowy New Year’s Eve when I refused to wear anything but my beautiful pointy stiletto boots (and proceeded to fall in a pile of New York City sidewalk slush). And now I’m a Reflexologist – go figure. I still feel sexiest in my leg-lengthening pairs, but have learned that diversification and some “resting” techniques are key to happy feet. For all you heel addicts out there, here are a few simple tips from one of your own:

1. Wear comfier shoes when commuting to work. Uggs or low-heeled (one-two inches max) cowboy boots are great in the wintertime, flip-flops with an ergonomic footbed and arch support for summer, and sneakers work year-round (don something other than white, please).

2. Alternate your shoe choice and height from one day to the next, or from day to night. Wear a pretty ballet flat one day and romp around in your beloved platforms the next.

3. Take a minute to remove your high ones when wearing them for a long time. Flex and rotate your feet. When you get home, put your feet up.


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