Never Buy A Man Shoes

My grandmother Mavis always says, “Never buy a man shoes, he’ll use those shoes to walk away from you.” She has been married 40 years and would let my grandfather go barefoot before she bought him shoes. Even slippers are questionable in her book.

I took her advice for a while but during the obsession period with the “The One We Don’t Speak Of,” I bought him anything he desired, including a pair of dress shoes for work. He took what grandma Mavis said a step further . He used those shoes to walk all over me.

As you can imagine, since then, I’ve been hesitant to purchase a pair of kicks for the men in my life. I know it’s superstitious but every time I hit the store for a new beau, I hear her voice in the back of my head. Last week I ignored that voice as I purchased the brand new Michael Jordan sneakers for the new boyfriend. We’ll call him, “Miami.” We have been dating for a year and in the past few months have become more serious. Serious enough for MJ.

He is a collector of “Jordan’s,” so I found it only fitting to purchase him the brand new edition for his birthday. The only thing was, I didn’t realize how expensive these sneakers were. I gave up $150 and a part of my soul to own them. The salesman promised that if “Miami,” was a real collector, he would cherish this shoe forever, and thank me in more ways than one.

I’m giving him his gift this week. Keep your fingers crossed! I’m keeping the receipt. If he walks out, I’ll make sure he leaves the shoes behind!

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