So what DO you wear to Vegas?

Big doins, as they say Down South. One of the big conventions for the TV business is coming up, and that means everybody who is still lucky enough to have a paying gig (writers strike, you know) is busy getting ready for the National Association of Television Program Executives, or NATPE as we call it, not wanting to waste all that time saying twenty syllables. Yep, twenty.

So I was on the phone with the most adorable PR lady from one of the “Big” PR films that handles movies and TV and stars…and I asked her what she was going to wear shoe-wise to NATPE, which is slated to be in Vegas this year. Vegas, if you don’t know, is an amazing convention city that has a lot to offer, including great shopping. What Vegas doesn’t have is great transportation up and down The Strip, which leaves one and all in need of comfortable shoes. Screw fashion when you go to Vegas. If you don’t take care of your feet, they won’t take care of you.

So, this lovely PR lady, who has spent many NATPE conventions walking through casinos, between hotels, and back and forth from her hotel room shared her footwear secret for convention success. She throws on her Dr. Martens, paired with black pants, and she can walk ‘til the last light on the Strip burns out. I’ve never worn a pair of Doc’s, but I am definitely going to go check them out. I’ll let you know what the verdict is. I hope they don’t make me look too sensible. I like comfortable shoes, not sensible shoes. Sensible shoes are not sexy.


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