Take Your Man Shoes

Part of my Christmas shopping ritual is to get all dolled up when I hit the mall for multiple reasons. The first being, I always seem to run into an ex boss, ex friend, or ex boyfriend, as I’m waiting in the line holding the ugly, holiday sweater for Grandma Mavis. So that I’m prepared for such encounters, I put on something that makes me feel successful for the ex boss, fabulous for the ex friend, and sexy and “so over you” for the ex boyfriend.

My outfit today was no exception. I was wearing a cute cotton dress with tights and high camel colored boots. As I was walking from one store to the next, my obnoxiously loud phone began to ring from the depths of my purse. Shoppers turned and gave me that “turn your damn phone down,” glance. I hurried to get to the bottom of the purse but recognized one of the faces in the crowd. It was my ex boyfriend, “the one we don’t speak of.” He broke my spirit and for that reason, I don’t dare let his name leave my lips. I turned on my heels, trying to act as if I didn’t see him. As I pretended to be looking into the store window, I saw the most beautiful, “take your man shoes.”

I found myself biting my lower lip and daydreaming of the fun I’ll have in those shoes. They were the perfect shade of chocolate brown with a 3” heel. Suede is my weakness, and these suede, brown, pumps were my dream. I bought them immediately, how could I walk another step not in them?

For those that aren’t aware, “Take Your Man Shoes” are the heels you put on when you are feeling low. They’re cheetah pumps you wear to THE club. They’re the tall suede boots you charged six months ago and are still paying off. “Take your man shoes” give you confidence. They’re sexy, so sexy in fact, that you feel as though you can have any man in the room, single or not. Those shoes are meant to be in the air, to be left on and admired.

In conclusion, I’d like to thank the ex, if it wasn’t for him, I would have never attempted to ignore him. I would have never found those shoes. Thanks, “the one we don’t speak of,” you might have turned out to be one of the best things that have happened to me. Too bad you’ll never experience me wearing nothing but those heels and a smile.


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