The Stiletto Heel as Cab-Saving Weapon

As a woman, a shoe can be mean many things at any given time.

The right shoe can make you feel powerful, sexy, and unstoppable.

Shoes can also serve as protection and comfort in a difficult situations especially when it comes to finding a cab in Boston (which is about as easy as finding a decent guy in a frat house). Sound crazy? Let me explain.

Any woman who jeopardizes the condition of her shoe when she’s in danger means business, and these guys sensed that. They backed down, picked up the shoe returned it to Madison and walked along their way.

One should never come between girlfriends, a night out, and their shoes.

One Friday night this fall, some girlfriends and I ventured out on the town. Had some drinks, danced the night away and the shoes (great pair- GUESS gold and leopard peep toes) held up wonderfully. As the night was winding down it was time to head home, possibly order some late night snacks and head to bed. But before any of that was done, we needed a cab.
After living in the city for six years you learn some tricks on hailing a cab…. some work, others don’t.

Cab code of conduct rule # 1: It is never OK to steal other people cabs when they clearly hailed it first.

I know Boston isn’t considered the friendliest or most polite city on earth but still we were quite surprised to suddenly be playing a part in the following scene, straight out of a Sex and the City script:

A group of rowdy frat guys try to steal a cab from three nicely dressed , adorable professional young women.

These boys had no idea who they were dealing with.

My best friend Rylie who is quite fit and feisty herself says, “Excuse me boys I don’t think so! We had this cab first!”

Well, did these boys have some choice words for us. The name-calling and swearing coming our way escalated quickly and then the brutes starting moving towards us.

However, Rylie is not one to be intimidated, let people talk to her…. or her best friends…. inappropriately.

In a flash, she whipped her left heel (amazing silver Marciano Adinna four-inch high stilettos ) straight off her foot, put on her best Kill Bill tone, snarled, “You’d better watch it!” and whipped the deadly projectile at their heads.

Now, it is a well-known fact, even in barbarian Boston, that any woman who would jeopardize the condition of her shoe when she’s in danger means business. Between that, and the 4″ heel whizzing past their ears, the boys seemed to dimly sense just who it was they were dealing with.

They backed down, picked up the shoe, returned it to Madison, the quiet one (they couldn’t even look at Rylie) and slunk away. We calmly stepped into our cab, named our destination and headed back toward civilization.

A word to the wise, and drunken frat boys everywhere:

NEVER come between a girl and her cab… and if you do, prepare for a stiletto in the ear.


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