Girl Meets Shoe: Pimp Shoes

When it Feels Like Time Has Stopped. . .You know you’ve met the right shoe!

A friend of mine was getting married and we planned one last night of decadence in her honor. I wanted a pair of shoes to complement the “Hey Hot Lady” outfit I had planned. My shoe collection has two distinct branches, subtle and sensible and eye catching and excruciating. I was in hot pursuit of a hot pair that would not render my size six extra wide feet into hamburger within an hour of dancing.

After a full day of shopping I spotted them in a window downtown. They sported the moc shape that I had come to know and love in my Merrells. The crocodile-embossed black patent leather uppers shown like a beacon beckoning my inner glamazon towards the store window.

I pointed them out to my shopping weary husband. He looked at the shoes, then at my feet and back again. With an amused grin, he informed me that I’d be “Big Pimpin” in these shoes. While I am not quite a testosterone charged, cane toting, aquarium shoe sporting “gentleman” or indeed any kind of gentleman, I was intrigued by these black patent pimp shoes.
Regulars, we entered the shoetique to the usual chorus of greetings. They noticed us in the window and already had the boxes at hand. The salesman slipped the SAS Comfort Walks on my feet and I did the walk. They were the shoe equivalent of dark chocolate ganache! Great support, cushioning, but first and foremost, they had attitude! I didn’t just walk in these shoes; I strutted! With a flash of plastic, they were mine. I left the shoetique awash in the euphoria that only new shoes produce.
Later that evening, I completed my “Hey Hot Lady” look by slipping into my black patent pimp shoes. I did the walk for my husband. He looked at me as if I was a hot fudge sundae and all he could say was “Wow”.
At the club, I hit the dance floor feeling fabulous from head to foot. The girls noticed my shoes at once. I let them know “They’re my pimp shoes, bitches!” We raised a glass to my new pimptastic footwear and slid back to the dance floor for our special request Big Pimpin.


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