Clearance Conquistador

Since I can remember, I have had a craving for quality, but a budget that can’t uphold the weighty price tags attached to a lot of shoes. During the time when my eye was just starting to crave heels and boots, the secrets of womanhood were passed from one generation to the next. In a store, my mother held two pairs of calf-length, leather boots, both high-class, and trendy.

She asked, “Which boots do you like best?”

I have a quick eye, “ I like them both.”

She smiled, “But one catches your eye the most. The question is, which one will you buy?”

I held a questioning glare.

She replied, “You will look at the price. And you will choose. In the event that your shoe isn’t the right price, you wait. You come back for it, and you wait for the sale. This is how you get the right shoe, with the right look, at the right price.”

So this is how it is. Shoes have to have a few factors that make them, “buy-able.”

The style (has the “you- betta- take- me- home- now!” look)

The materials (if it looks leather is most definitely is, satin or cloth)

The price (reasonable and quality NEVER suffers)

Since that time, there has been one excellent find after another. Within a short span, I have so many stories to pass on to the next influx of young, shoe aficionados. Recently, I’ve had a bit of a loafer/moccasin streak; all of the classy styles made me want take a brief heel hiatus. Rummaging through a local shoe sale, I found a pair of Ralph Lauren, metallic gold, kid suede loafers.

Brand new, they have a preppy, chic look to them.

All the beauty, and quality, for a whopping $20.00. These loafers, which are very hard to find, could easily sell for $150.00, plus, I absolutely adore!


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