Rockin’ and Runnin’ with the amazing Nike plus

As an avid runner and shoe-a-holic I am always on the outlook out for new fashionable running shoes. This year Nike came out with the Nike Plus; helping runners everywhere make it to the finish line!

One morning my attention was drawn to Boston.com for a story on “A Running Debate”. This debate has been in question with runners and race directors over the past year on whether or not ipods should be allowed during races. In August, I joined 12,000 other runners for the 35th annual Falmouth Road Race.

This was my third year running the race and I did notice a drastic increase in the number of ipods and armbands on runners throughout the race. Nike has even caught on to this new trend in running. This past summer the Nike plus running shoe hit stores designed with a transmitter that sends information about speed, distance, and calories burned to a runner’s ipod.

Nike has even designed unique colors and styles like the one picture here , which I love! If that pair is a little too bright for your taste you can check the hundreds of other styles and colors Nike has to offer. Has anyone used to the Nike Plus and is a fan? I’m looking for a little feedback because I’m thinking the Nike Plus might be my next pair of running shoes as the spring traning season is rapidly approaching.

The right shoe and the right music is a HUGE part of any runner’s training regiment, and when it comes to race day if you need the music that has brought you this far then I say go for it! Possibly running with music it is a generational thing? My father a diehard athlete couldn’t believe that I would be running with an ipod this year. But I say whatever gets you through the hills of Falmouth and 90 degree August heat and if that happens to be your new sneaks, new outfit or an ipod with your favorite song on repeat then the more power to you! It certainly helped me through each mile! Not to mention, I think the Nike Plus will be my next pair of running shoes. Who is with me? 🙂

To donate to the charity group I run for or to join us for Falmouth 2008- please visit The Genesis Club and help us to “Make Strides for Mental Health”

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