The Perfect Exit

What shoes go well with a pink slip? As my eyes moved down the shoe rack hanging over my closet door, I calmly weighed my options.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t trying to match my shoes to a garment – this pink slip was the kind that sends you reeling into denial, anger and last but not least, the unemployment office. I knew it was coming, I even had the right outfit. I just couldn’t settle on the shoes. Would it be the red vintage-esque Marc Jacobs peep-toes I found on sale last week? No, too new. Perhaps my sassy patent Stuart Weitzman 4-inch stilettos? Too sexy. Something seemed wrong about each pair that my eyes landed on. I needed a pair of warrior shoes, a combat boot of sorts that would carry me through this ordeal with the least amount of battle wounds.

That’s when I spotted them – knee-high, black, immaculately tailored. My take on the world, devil-may-care Jimmy Choo boots that I spent the entire summer of ’06 coveting before throwing down my Visa and giddily embracing a season of debt. I pulled them on, zipped up the back and admired the effect in the mirror. I felt strong, defiant, empowered: a perfect remedy for the pink slip blues. These boots were made for walking out the office door, leaving them with a lasting final impression, and – the ultimate sting – a twinge of regret.
Later that day, severance contract in hand, I slung my purse over my shoulder and walked out that door one last time. As the heavy door shut behind me, I threw my head back haughtily and smiled: mission accomplished.


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