Blahniks: The Pain Reliever of Choice

When it comes to mending the wounded heart after a break-up, it’s best to limit yourself to only three options before venturing off to dating-ville for the next round: go on a chocolate binge, spend a night out with the girls, or treat yourself to the pair of Blahniks you’ve been eyeing all season.

In most cases, the best way extend this critical time is with a week-long adventure in the shoe department. After all, you can’t expect to enter dating land in your oh-so-vulnerable state; a healthy recovery is required.

I opted for the Shoe Solution as pain reliever of choice after my most recent breakup. It was Breakup #7 for the year, nothing short of pathetic after I realized his business trips with the office were a cover for a getaway with his admin sweetheart, Sandra. Sandra was his long-legged secretary who had been giving giving me the evil eye since the day I surprised him with a picnic lunch for our one month anniversary; the Sandra who also managed to find her way to my yoga class and show off her lotus position – and flaunt her high school figure; the same Sandra who had now snuck away with him to the Vineyard for a romantic vacation.

I found out about this trip sans moi after he left his cell phone at my apartment, and I picked it up to hear her ranting about getting to the airport late, exclaiming that the flight to the Vineyard would be cancelled if he didn’t get there ASAP. Oh, and could he please remember to bring the earrings that she left at the hotel last night?

I was floored; he had been cheating on me and now was off for this ‘business trip’…

After dumping his cellphone and all his belongings taking up space in my apartment, I resolved to alleviate the pain, the frustration, the agony of the situation with my pain reliever of choice.

I immediately sped to the shoe salon at Bergdorf’s, surrounded by true… loyal.. love in its purest of forms; Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Prada, oh my! And so, my therapy began with an assignment of finding the most outrageously expensive, show-them-off-like-you-mean-it pair.

Cupid’s arrow soon stung me with these: the Manolo Leopard Stingray Sandal, a sweet safari adventure with a leopard-printed stingray skin and halter ankle strap just begging for a meeting with a micro miniskirt. Just slipping into those 3.5” heels was enough to alleviate my woes –until I caught sight of the price tag….

Asking price? $685.00

How much did I pay for them?

Take a look at #7’s AmEx bill, the card he left behind…


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