Envious much?

At 6 am I woke up to a refreshing Tuesday morning and went through the process of deciding what to wear that day. I had a casual interview planned, work, and then dinner with a potential cutie pie. What could I possibly wear to fit all those occasions?

Ah yes, of course, my new fire red open-toe BCBG heels from Macy’s. With a silver buckle at the peep toe, its 3-inch stiletto, and the glisten in the tint, I almost wanted to save the shoe for a “different” time. Instead, I paired them with a button down white t-shirt, dark blue skinny jeans and some fierce, but subtle silver jewelry, and knew no one could deny me anything on this day.

Feeling all cute-even-though-I-didn’t-try- that-hard confident, I stepped onto the metro to begin my day, smiled at everyone looking at my shoes, knowing they were envious. I breezed through my interview, and kept the same spark all day at work, just waiting to see his reaction when he saw me that night.

When the time finally came, I walked into the dimly lit restaurant, saw him smiling at the table, and walked up to him knowing how bad I looked. He gave me the once over and stopped right where everyone else had all day. Damn, I thought, these shoes are even better than I thought they were! He squinted.

“Is that…. toilet paper on your shoe?” Oh no. Suddenly, I realized why everyone was so amazed by my shoes today. I looked down and realized I’d been dragging along the longest strip of tissue created by man all day and no one had said anything to me! I was crushed.

“Don’t worry, though,” he said. “You still look pretty fantastic me, maybe we can use them again another time.”


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