Barstools and Yellow Shoes

There’s this rowdy bar where the bartenders make you stand on the barstools to order drinks, and workers pass out drumsticks to see just how creative people are with finding places to bang on. I loathe this establishment. But my friend loves it, and it was her birthday. So I put on my spirit lifting shoes that make any situation alright.

“You’re wearing the shoes. THE YELLOW SHOES!” Karen squealed.

Karen is my we-went to-grade-school-together-and-haven’t-talked-in-eight-years-but-now-see-each-other-at-the-bar-and- greet-with-a-kiss friend.

Her greeting, although drunk, was filled with adoration.

If you saw these shoes, you’d like them, too. They’re Calvin Klein, so the design is simple, yet unique. The toe isn’t quite pointy, but it’s not exactly round. They’re sunshine yellow patent leather with a large, black buckle.

That black buckle makes them perfect for anyone who primarily wears black. Black is my uniform because it’s chic, slimming, and looks great day or night. But my favorite part about donning black is that it is perfect for accessorizing with bright colors. This is where the shoes come in.

But don’t be fooled, these are much more than shoes.

They are confidence builders. When there’s no time to straighten my hair or put on make-up, I still walk tall in these shoes. The bright color allows for the shoes—and me—to emit a constant cheerfulness.

They are mood changers. Wearing them is like taking a happy pill. With every step, I keep that upbeat feeling, and every stranger I pass gets an extra dose of happiness shot into their day.

They are compliment getters. I don’t mean to sound obnoxious, but I like getting compliments. These shoes are the ultimate compliment getters.

And you better believe that on my friend’s birthday the DJ announced that everyone had to stand on a barstool. But I didn’t mind because it put my shoes in better view for all to notice. And comments from cute boys began flowing faster than vodka from the bottle.

Don’t misunderstand that I still detest this bar, but if I must go there, my yellow shoes help me rise to the occasion.


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