Go Up for Comfort

We all have had that moment when the shoe just doesn’t fit like it did when we tried it on in the store. Did you know that one of the best things you can do to up the comfort factor on your super high heels is to go at least a half size up to a full size higher, especially if your shoe has a narrow toe? It just gives your toes more room. I am here to tell you that no matter how fierce the shoe is, if my tootsies are stuffed in them like sausage, they come off the A list.

Going up a half size to a 7 from my 6.5s made a big difference in the wearability factor. I also found that my feet felt better after wearing them. For me, the only problem is that I really am a true 6.5. I have had a couple of pairs that I bought at Nordstrom’s that I had foot petals put in, or some other kind of insole.
So now, instead of going straight to the 6.5s I start with a 7 and work my way back—if it’s a high heel, pointy toe. For a flat or a kitten heel, it’s back to my regular size.

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