Got Kicks?

My approach to fashion has always been fairly simple: Feet first. In other words, I’ve been known to buy a brand new outfit with no other purpose than to match my favorite pair of shoes. It’s a nasty little habit that’s depleted my bank account—and converted me into a sneaker junkie in recent months.
Why sneakers?

They inspire me to get my computer-potato fanny out of my home office and into the gym. More importantly, they go with just about everything that exists in my closet. I’m a causal-comfy kind of gal, which roughly translates as “full-time freelance writer.” I work in denim, sweats, pajama bottoms, and running pants—the kind that make that lovely swooshing sound when you get up from the behind your desk to make some delicious peanut butter cookies. Dream job…indeed.

My love affair with athletic kicks began in pre-school, mostly because I was the only one in class who could tie them without assistance. Precocious and then some (save for my phobia of falling into the big-person toilet), I was intrigued by any pair of shoes so startlingly white that it would take me six months of rigorous playground use to wear them in just right. Plus, I secretly found delight in the fact that other children were forced to wear Velcro, the adolescent equivalent of Tevas and socks.
Fast forward to womanhood. I love my customized Mi Adidas running sneakers like I adore homemade peanut butter cookies. In fact, my relationship with one justifies the other. They make me feel able-bodied, just like I’m back in the sandbox, fending for myself when I come undone. They also make me feel kind of cheesy since my name is emblazoned on them in bold yellow print, but I’ll argue the salesperson at the SF Adidas Sport Performance store made me do it.
Anyhow, these babies make walking lunges more bearable and are therefore responsible for firming my derriere. That alone is enough to justify a new pair every two months, although my mother has been known to call this behavior frivolous.
If the sneaker fits….


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