My inner bitch. . .in the shape of 4 inch boots.

I think I have the “end of the holiday blues.” I have been feeling slightly less than beautiful, courageous, and exotic since the New Year passed. So, on a miserable Sunday afternoon I bellied up to the last five episodes of Sex and the City. I laughed, I cried, I ate too much, and then I mourned the end of a fantastic show the way my dear girl Carrie Bradshaw would have—I shopped for shoes.

Due to an argument I had with my beau and the fact that this is my first full week back to work in ’08, I was immediately drawn to what I refer to as ‘bitch boots.’ You know the type, incredibly high, extra pointy and borderline call girl. These are the kind of shoes that hurt like hell, cost a ton, but are more than worth it for the crazy effect they have on the male species.

When I saw these little (or rather quite tall and spiky) gems, I pictured myself confident, self-assured and ready to nail any testicle that might cross my path. I had to have them. Size and color-check and check. Credit card-check. Overnight shipping-check. The next morning they were on my feet. The following took place:

1. Construction workers ogled and stared, but kept their mouths shut. Surely, they were scared of my wrath and in total awe of my shoes.

2. My male boss, who I have been desperately trying to prove myself to, congratulated me on a job well done.

3. I got a free lunch. This may not have anything to do with my new shoes, but it was a damn good lunch.

Oh, the power of shoes! Tonight, when I am massaging my feet, my toes (and credit card) will be crying, but I will most definitely be smiling.


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