Ruby Slippers

Gotta love them ruby slippers.

That’s what I kept saying the other night when The Wizard of Oz was on. Any true shoe diva has at least 4 pairs and if you are like me, just multiply it by 10. Now all red shoes are not created equal. There is a fine line that makes all the difference.

What does a good red shoe say about its wearer? It says, look at me! If you didn’t want attention, you’d go with a black closed toe pump. But when you put on a hot red shoe, you are saying “not only do I have it going on, but I know it. And you know I know it.”


This summer, I bought a pair that I thought would be a perfect addition to the collection, but it was a big old misfire.

Too tall, naked and well, too easy. I couldn’t walk in them.

But this fall I found a red suede and patent leather pump that was truly worthy of being called a power shoe. And get this, they were on sale because they were a last year hold-out. They were so fine that I bought and wore them right then. I called it a social experiment.

If I walked three blocks in these smokers (and yes, I could actually walk three blocks in them), how many people would notice them? Would anybody pay attention besides me?

Not only did I get noticed, I got shout-outs.

“Girl, those are some fierce shoes.”

And then there was a guy who said, “I wish I could get my lady to wear shoes like that.”

Most important, it gave me that extra bounce in my step. On the food chain of fabulous shoes, there is nothing like the red!

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