Wide With Pride

Don’t get me wrong, I certainly understand the appeal of impossibly, impractical footwear creations that cause observers to stop, gawk, and drool. Trust me, I am not above torturing my tootsies.

Perhaps I should point out that I spent 20 hours a week as a kid in ballet classes. Every day I stretched and strengthened muscles in my feet and legs just to prepare to go on Pointe, And, I will admit that after years of training, every second in those satin slippers seemed worth the blisters and bunions. If I hadn’t stress fractured my spine at 13, I would probably have feet to rival Frankenstein’s now.

As a woman with wide feet, though, I have sought out some alternatives to strutting in stilettos. Aging and occasionally injuring myself again caused me to cultivate an appetite for sassy, yet, sensible shoes. So, I am going to let you in on my sordid little secret:

I find some of these gems in a rather unorthodox place…the men’s department.

Look, if 40 can be the new 30, then why can’t boy’s be the new girl’s for fashions of the feet?

Now, if you are interested in exploring the wacky world of wing tips and unusual oxfords, I recommend heading over to Fluevogs. They’ve got plenty of flashy footwear and their clerks won’t smirk when you ask for assistance with men’s styles.

For instance, these snazzy oxfords with orange stitching, named the Future Gibson Wills, are quite an unexpected punctuation to any pair of trousers. Oh, and listen up all you not-so narrows, the supportive insoles in these bad boys and their snub-nose square toes make strolling through marble floored malls infinitely more manageable.

Even on the crummiest, slushiest, overcast afternoons your toes will stay comfy due to the thick leather uppers and padded tongues. And, you don’t have to be delicate with these rough-cut gems because they were built to take a beating. As Mr. Fluevog proudly proclaims, “Its full leather lining and unique, substantial sole will surely protects you from the elements and Satan.”
Ok, do yourself a favor. Scoot on over to the men’s side and be wide with pride.


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