Pastry Cake

After gaining a “few” pounds over the holidays, I needed a quick pick-me-up, and shopping is my outlet. After scouring online stores for some fantastic new shoes, I found just what I was looking for! I know it’s the name of the shoes that gets me, “Pastry Cake”. I also love that it is a running shoe! Having a running shoe named after a dessert really shocked me. Surprisingly, these are the shoes that inspire me to go on a daily run, not the five pounds (okay twenty) that I need to lose. I look at these comfortable and unique shoes and instantly want to put them on and take a jog. I guess I am afraid of gaining five more pounds simply because of the name!

My six year old loves these shoes too. She really wants a pair to show off to her friends. I think it’s the sprinkles she loves the most because they’re just too cute! There are three different colors, each with their own dessert name. Her favorite are the “Vanilla Sprinkles” since they are colorful and the sprinkles really stand out. They remind her of her Halloween costume, an ice cream cone. These shoes would have been a perfect accessory to that. I may just have to be an ice cream cone next Halloween, well maybe not!

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