Shakin’ the Pepper

Shoes? I feel myself growing warm…
I am a forty-ish wife and mother who, up until recently, divided my time between running a small business, homeschooling, baking endless trays of cookies, knitting lumpy sweaters, and singing in the church choir. Nothing wrong with any of that–if you don’t give a damn about fashion. But, who are we kidding? One of the reasons I couldn’t go through with being a nun right out of college was that I would have to give up lipstick, cut my hair, and not spend money on accessories.

Nunnish tendencies notwithstanding, I do not consider myself a prude and I was damned tired of pretending that I didn’t care about looking hot. It was time to shake the pepper.

After all, you try not regressing fashionistically after sitting for years in a choir filled with men and women in outdated glasses, fat black waitress shoes–or worse, Birkenstocks that offer TMI, like what chimp-toed, raggedy nailed feet look like wiggling in rhythm to the organ. The only women wearing lipstick are over 60, and the shade is named something like “Frosty the Plum”. They also have hair helmets. (What is the carbon footprint of aerosol hairspray?)

So, I turned to shoes for my salvation and Sundays are now spent shopping.

Sigh. I am a budget shoe person, but no one but us need know that. I shocked a DSW checkout girl last summer when, with my amazing amount of double discount points from all the strappy sandals I had been hoarding through out the year, my Coach shoes–on sale for $135.00–rang up as $2.50!!! That is NOT a typo!


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