Pretty Little Flat Foot

So you know and I know and the girl down the hall and even my gay best friend P, are all well aware that flats are really hot right now!

Not to mention, comfortable (that’s refreshing). And let’s not forget, that they come in all kinds of adorable prints, metallics, bright colours and even cute little mille-fleurs. They’re fully and completely ambidextrous, and give a zing of personality to just about any kind of outfit. That’s the definition of a fierce little accessory, if you ask me.

So I have a pair of funky golden shiny little flats (with the great name KENNY LOVES KENNY BOOM FOIL, on sale, well, as of this moment for $20 here) – that I usually like to wear as the exciting surprise at the end of my leg warmers (leg warmers are totally functional, don’t hate!). Anyway, having recently moved to Boston around the same time, I discovered an itty bitty teeny tiny little flaw in my plan to take over Boston on multicoloured adorable flats……

Those of you who live here will know (and definitely should have told me!) that there are LOTS of cobblestone roads and side walks and areas in the city.

And okay, so that’s not something to write home about, right? Well Gawd, let’s don’t be insensitive now! After all, the following thing could have happened to YOU!

All you need is to be: a) not entirely used to walking flat footed, b) lacking the necessary mental reminders about how the ground looks flat, but isn’t really, and maybe also c) missing that oh so important firm and solid sense of internal balance – and you too could find yourself tripping and stumbling and maybe even (though you haven’t told anyone about that yet) falling flat on your cans!

(Gawd, that was so embarrassing).

So next time you see that troubled individual on the side walk, tripping all over herself and jumping up and down gesturing like a drunken sailor because of the horrible little nicks that just appeared on her favourite little shoes…..well, at least try not laugh out loud.


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