Miami, Cancun…. and Me

I have come to conclude that 2008 is going to be my year of travel! I’m making international trips, weekend road trips, and day trips to and from the beach. The first vacation of the year is Cancun, Mexico for Memorial Day Weekend. I figured I would begin the summer with a bang and enlisted my new “Miami” boy to come along for the ride (literally and figuratively).

Last night as I was mentally packing …I came to realize something was missing from my mental suitcase. After all, I did have the cute bathing suits and am currently working on the cute body that will soon fit into the cute bathing suits, but missing the fab vacation shoes. I thought I had prepared, after all, once I booked this vacation, I immediately headed to the closest gym, trading in my two café fraps for a bottle of Vitamin Water and a treadmill. I’ve been so focused on a lean figure, I almost forgot about shoes!

In my head, this perfect holiday will include me in fab holiday heels, wearing a sarong and being fed grapes on the beach by “Miami.” He would be oiled up with an enormous feather, cooling me off and attending to my every need. I’d be very J LO during her Benifer Days. Maybe that last bit won’t come to fruition, but the fab shoes and the itty bitty sarong are definitely a possibility.

I always get these ideas at the most inappropriate times, and this was no different. At 2 a.m., when I should be deep in REM sleep, I’m online searching for vacation shoes.

After ten sites and an hour searching the web, I found the perfect pair.

They’re BCBG rose patterned platforms with a 4 ½ inch heel. They match the sarong, which I have yet to purchase, perfectly.

I also bought a pair of practical wedges for when my dream vacation plans doesn’t exactly pan out the way I envisioned. But a girl can dream, can’t she?


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