Show A Little Red on Valentine’s Day

I don’t know how I feel about Valentine’s Day anymore.

Back in grade school, I got pumped. Long before mix tapes made their appearance, my friends spent hours pouring over what the boys’ valentines REALLY meant. What drove John Hartnett to give me the card that said “To my sweet”?

Sadly, over the years, the doily-fringed excitement of the day has worn away. A husband who felt the best way to show his affection was to give me a box of HIS favorite candy replaced boyfriends who didn’t want to support a “Hallmark holiday”.

Today, Valentines brings out TV spots selling not diamonds, but a relationship.

Wait – I can’t buy a relationship at a store. So what’s a single girl to do when faced with another February 14? Well, this girl here is going to go buy herself a new pair of shoes.

In keeping with the holiday’s chosen color scheme, I’ll be on the hunt for something red. Maybe I’ll blow the budget with a pair of Christian Louboutin high heels, which begin in the neighborhood of $775. Nice neighborhood.

I’ve learned several things over the years. Never pay retail is #1 on the list. I know Louboutin’s cost an arm, leg and other precious body parts, but wow…are these great shoes.

I’ll pray for a sale, or an internet site where they sell knockoffs, uh, I mean inspired versions.

Why do I have my Valentine’s Day heart set on a pair of Louboutins.? They have RED undersides. When you walk, each step offers a flash of seductive color. And ladies, they feel just as good as any hug I’ve ever had.

Yes, it’s major money.

Perhaps it has to do with priorities. For instance, I myself would rather buy a plane ticket than a diamond.

I still can’t figure out how women buy really expensive shoes all time, except that it goes a long way to explain why credit card debt is the size of Texas.


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