Driving While Shoe-Toxicated

When the shoe boutique announces Giuseppe Zanotti’s latest collections, there’s finally a reason to smile again. To me, an event like this is heaven’s way of proving it really does exist.
It was a long week, a grueling series of days at the office with deadlines galore and no light at the end of the tunnel.
Until I caught the glimmer of a glossy postcard from the newest boutique in town, the latest in chic and trendy – a venue I was determined to explore on my next ‘sick day.’

The lure of the Giuseppe Zanotti release party offered hope for my tortured soul after the tiresome week. The postcard instructed all shoe lovers to join the party at 6 p.m sharp for hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and a grand unveiling of Giuseppe’s latest and greatest, and so I zoomed out of work that night for a well-deserved treat.

The boutique was packed, a congregation for all shoe lovers, an excited and anxious group sipping on Prosecco and sampling exotic truffles and fruit. Ah, ‘tis a sweet life, after all. The cares of the world drifted far, far away as we oohed and aahed at the latest collection; glossy patent peep toes, buckled sandals, and too-high pumps were the order of the day.
I took a deep breathe, had to take it all in, and stood in line to place my pre-order(s), pulling out all the necessary credit cards to grant my ticket to heaven. When the receipts were collected, proof of my hard work tucked into my purse, it was time to finally, reluctantly, head out to the cold and cruel world outside of shoe haven.
Dizzy with glee from all the possibilities from those fantastic shoes – or maybe it was just the Prosecco and truffle combo – I made an attempt to U-turn out of the parking space I had assumed in front of the boutique.
And promptly hit the median strip that ran out in front of me from God knows where.

Lesson of the day: Never drive while shoe-toxicated.


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