Fishing for a Date on Sushi Night

Girl’s night out. A chance to pick out a brand new outfit, hit the town with a few ladies from work, and scoop up the latest gossip on the Bachelor of the Week.
And of course, flaunt the latest shoe infatuation.
Our Bachelor of the Week contest started by accident. We started our usual night out at the local sushi bar, a chance to fuel up with some appetizers before hitting the night’s itinerary.

It’s a quaint, locally owned sushi bar – nothing fancy – but a noticeably large population of great looking single men. Why here? Why this no-nonsense venue, and not the trendy bar across the street?

Because, one kind fella managed share with me, the owner’s daughter might make her appearance – a stunning Asian woman plays hostess on random nights of the weekend – and thoroughly enjoys flirting with the patrons, apparently. Regardless, we’ve taken this opportunity to scope out the city’s most handsome. And there are plenty of them, a real treat after a long week. Shamelessly, we rate them on looks, personality, and most importantly, what they think of our shoes. Some laugh, flashing their handsome smiles and play along, while others give us the ‘are you serious?’ look and ignore us; either way, it’s a fun time.
Consequently, the Potential Date factor is running high so only the most awe-inspiring heels will do. It’s a night to strut, get noticed, and go home with – at the very least – a few phone numbers to set up The Date.
And naturally, I pick out my 4 ½” Moschino peep toes platforms in a bold, notice-me red. The perfect pair to sashay myself up to the bar for some ‘Bachelor research’, and maybe catch a few envious glances from that hostess. This week, I did manage to round up more phone numbers than usual – four bachelors with great date potential – which I completely attribute to my shoe pick of the week.
And unless that hostess gets replaced, we’re committed to noshing on great sushi, finding a date with the contest –
– and fueling our shoe habits.


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