Shoe Episode #367 – Office Escape

Another humdrum day at the office, a few too many stressful meetings, and a pile of crummy assignments growing on my desk was enough to trigger a Shoe Episode.

Definition ‘Shoe Episode’: “persistent thoughts about finding, buying, and trying on new shoes. Generally accompanied with a preference for outrageously priced shoes that will only be worn once. Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, and Cavalli heels are often found in the cast of characters.”

Desperately looking for an escape route and strategy from the office, I opted for a late lunch to grab a power-smoothie and conduct some ‘brief shoe research’ at the department store…

…that turned out to be not so brief, when my hungry eyes caught sight of the latest display of to-die for Emilio Pucci slingbacks. 3 ½” patent leather heels finished with a printed satin tie were enough to make my heart melt. Enough to make time stop, a moment where I escaped to shoe bliss and learned there is some truth behind the phrase ‘joi de vivre.

A few minutes later – I still don’t recall what happened between that moment and me walking to the counter with the fabulous pair of shoes – I’m back outside checking the clock, and dashing back to the office to make it back for the afternoon’s sales presentation.

Delighted with my purchase nestled in the bright blue shopping bag, I jump into the office elevator and strategize on getting back to the main floor without anyone seeing the bag. I hit the button for the 7th floor, relieved that no one else is here with me, and crossing my fingers that I’ll make it all the way up in one clean sweep –

– until The Boss joins me on Floor 6, naturally eyeing the aqua bag I’m diligently trying to hide under my coat.

“It’s a gift for my client!” I exclaim, surprised by my own inventiveness, and I manage to convince her that 3 p.m. on a Thursday afternoon is the perfect time to get the best deal on gifts from the local department store – you know, to save the company on business expenses.

She smiles, nodding in agreement at my Wise Ways.

The things I do to take care of these Shoe Episodes…

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