Snag That Job Like You Mean It Shoes

It’s interview day.

The day to play Ms. Confident-ista, put myself in a Power Woman state of mind, and ensure the prospective boss that not only am I well qualified for the role of Assistant VP of the PR house, but I’m ready to taken on the project and get it done yesterday.

I’m ready to lead the team to success.

I’m ready to be the next shining exec for the company and round up hungry clients like it’s nobody’s business.
I’m ready to -shake things up in my new pair of Brian Atwood Patent in sweet cherry red.

Sure they’re bold and bright, but that describes me best at this given moment. I’m ready to stand apart from the ho-hum tribes who settle for just those Gucci kitten heels, and too-short Jimmy Choos for a day at the office.

Red screams for attention, but gets carried off with class when hidden modestly beneath a pair of grey, wide-leg cuff pants, , the pair I’ve carefully selected for interview day. 4 ½” of pure red heel, a high gloss platform pump with a super-sleek finish. I’m all business and no-nonsense, ready to handle any questions that come my way.

“So what makes you different from all the other candidates we’re interviewing for this position?” the prospective boss asks.

It’s a question I expected, and even though my first answer – the one I would love to share but kept conveniently to myself in my Ally McBeal moment– is because I’ll be the one with the most attractive shoes any given day, I settle for the standard:

“I don’t know the other candidates, but I do know me…I’m driven, ambitious, dedicated, and determined to give every project my best…” etc., etc., throwing in a little humbleness for balance.

There’s a pause. I cross my legs to switch sides, a move that exclaims I’m done with my monologue, and she catches a glimpse of red heel.

“Oooh, nice shoes! What are those?”

And we engage in deep conversation about the art of finding just the right shoe, and how red is making a comeback this season.

Thank you, Brian Atwood. My new boss is your new fan.


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