We Speak Tory Burch!

It is just not exciting to wear a nationally coveted shoe if no one notices!

Wednesday night at my Presbyterian church in Bristol, Tennessee is known as Wednesday Night Supper. Whether you are there for choir practice, bible study, cherub choir or just to visit, it is a great time to get together and share some great food. All ages are going around visiting and we get that warm, “We’re all in this together feeling,” that’s so easy to forget amid the daily hustle-bustle. We Southerns do love to be social.

But in a town where most of us are far more familiar with the first day of Hunting Season than the opening of Fashion Week in New York, the term fashion-forward is used rarely. And that’s fine, it’s just that me and my fine footwear get to feeling a little lonely sometimes.

So you can imagine my surprise and delight, when last Wednesday, just as I was scooping up some mashed potatoes in the dinner line, a young mom, quite the sophisticated dresser, took hold of my elbow, leaned in, and in an urgent, conspiratorial whisper, said, “Are those Tory Burch flats?”

“Yes they are!” I burst out, in a voice way too loud for the supper line, and excitedly looked back and forth, up and down, between my new friend, and my black ballerina flat Reva’s with the BIG LOGO.

Ah, Tory, We are recognized! At last! And Young Mom felt the same way.

“No one around here knows about her. I just love her shoes,” she said.

We sat down with our plate, and she then told me all about her shoe obsession in general , and the particular Torey Burch’s she had her eye on – an animal print ballerina flat.

Oh! She speaks Tory Burch. WE speak Tory Burch. I have found a Sole Sister!

Of course, since I visit Tory Burch’s site regularly to ogle and dream, I knew exactly which pair she was talking about.

We lamented that they are so hard to find locally. *

“Where did you get them,” she said. I took a breath, and let my secret out. After all, it’s always better to share. We’re all in this together.

“Vermillion in Raleigh, North Carolina.”

It’s true, it’s 250 miles away, but when you speak Tory Burch, what’s a five hour drive? I’m sure all you shoe-hunters will agree.

*Of course, you can buy them online, but that’s a whole other thing… do you all like to buy online? I like to try them on first, and like the experience of shopping. How about you?


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