Natalie Portman, Fabulous and Ecologically Correct

My eco-conscience has been at odds with my desire to look devilishly chic (each one sits perched atop my shoulders like an old Tom and Jerry cartoon), so I was ecstatic to hear the news: Hot on the heels of the vegan fashion movement, Natalie Portman, high priestess of red carpet style, has teamed with Té Casan to create a collection of cruelty-free shoes (materials such as faux nappa and faux calf are completely animal-free).

Shopping for luxury vegan footwear reportedly posed a challenge for the leather-, fur-, and feather-defiant actress, so she set out to create her own (why didn’t I think of that?).

Six timeless styles—like the Poppy pump ($255) and Pippa Mary Jane ($265) — debut this month with proceeds benefiting Nature Conservancy, a non-profit organization that protects ecologically fragile lands and bodies of water.

Seven up-and-coming talents, plucked from behind the scenes at notable fashion houses, also design under the exclusive Té Casan label. The company’s Gaelic moniker translates as “a woman’s path.” Consider the limited editions a means of charting your own exclusive route.

Living this close to Berkeley, I’ve got dibs on the “I’m-doing-my-part-without-sacrificing-style” Pia ballet flat ($225). It wards off haughty stares from holier than thou hippies living this side of the Caldecott tunnel.


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