Bows on the Toes

Bows on the toes shoes. I have ALWAYS loved them. It must have stemmed from the time I saw those enticing ruby slippers on the feet of Kansas girl Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.

They’re elegant. They’re feminine. They dress up a simple outfit and soften a business ensemble. They’re sexy, fun, flirty and it’s just too much fun to look down at your own feet and see bows on the toes.

At every opportunity, I’ve sought out these gems and bought them. I have owned bows on the toes shoes in most every color you can imagine, my personal favorite being a hot pink pair from Pappagallo purchased with money earned in my first full-time out of college job.

I had wanted that particular pair for a whole year, and never could swing what I considered the outrageous price, which in today’s dollars is what I’m paying at TJ Maxx, but I digress.

When I put those shoes on, the hot pinkness radiated throughout my very soul and made me feel like I was the most fashion forward young thing in all of Dallas, Texas.

Years later, on the day I gave them to the Junior League Rummage Sale, it was like losing a best friend. Those well-worn flats will always live in my memory. My husband at the time did not comprehend my feelings about those shoes, which I had worn on our honeymoon.

I still miss those hot pink bows. Him I divorced, and never give a second thought.

It’s just that way with bows on the toes shoes, which, btw, are way back in style and which are on my feet even as we speak, thanks to the fine folks at Kate Spade and their clearance sale.


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