Steppin’ Out in my Blue Suede Shoes

I’m indescribably drawn to impractical shoes.

Leopard pumps, red patent leather flats, boots that match next to nothing. If a shoe begs the question “Is there even one thing in my closet that goes with this?” I’m more than likely to buy it in every color.

And that’s just what happened when I spotted a pair of Nine West blue suede pumps while browsing around the Copley shops over the weekend.
I know. Blue suede shoes sound about as cool as a white bedazzled Elvis jumpsuit. But these have a round toe, a four-inch cone-shaped heel, and a sapphire shade of blue that make them much more appropriate for strutting down city sidewalks than doing the jailhouse rock.

*ed. note: check out more colorful pumps in motion in the Shop til you drop Miami videos, Nine West pt 1 and Nine West pt 2.

And as hesitant as I am to admit this, I have to say that the lyrics to “Blue Suede Shoes” might just be my personal theme song. Case-in-point: “You can do anything you want to do honey, but lay off my shoes.” Maybe Elvis is eluding to something deeper than I’m interpreting, but I like to think he was just a total shoe fanatic.

So now that I have the shoes, here comes the real challenge: What do I wear with a cute little cobalt pump without looking like I’m trying to channel my inner blueberry?

Another shopping trip is definitely in order.


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