Very Hot Lattes, and the Man Who Serves Them

The local coffee shop isn’t usually where I flaunt my latest shoe find, but when a girl’s trying to impress the barista (a.k.a. New Crush #5), it’s time to pull out the heavy artillery.

Also known as the brown Givenchy peep toe pumps.
These shoes were meant for walking and then some, the perfect height, the perfect arch, and just enough space in front to show off the latest overpriced pedicure.

The gorgeous brown canvas pair is an ideal match for the tan miniskirt I’m sporting as I venture off for my latte fix.

And so I trot on over to the counter, catching a few glances from fellow coffee lovers who stop sipping their soy-mocha-no-whip-with-hazelnut for a few seconds to marvel at my 4 ½” heel balancing act, and place my skim vanilla latte order with the dreamboat barista. I’d describe him, but then you might know where to find him. Like a hot shoe sale, i’m keeping him to myself for the moment.

He flashes a smile, I flirt back, it’s the perfect boy-meets-girl moment.

“Cute shoes,” he so rightly remarks, and I give myself a mental high five for braving that slick and shiny coffee shop floor.
I scoop up the latte he’s lovingly prepared for me, preparing for a long sip so I can approve of his amazing espresso-making skills and – the misplaced lid slides right off the cup to spill the fine latte across that gleaming floor.

And you know the first thing that crosses my mind?

Save the shoes! Who cares about the potential burn from that hot drink, save the shoes!!
Thankfully, my ninja-like reactions when it comes to all things shoe come into play, and as I quickly jump to the side before the spill can ruin my prized pair.

The café crew scrambles to clean up the mess, and I assure them that I’m just fine – as long as the shoes survive, my job is done.

The barista whips up another latte for me, and hands it over with his number scribbled onto the sleeve.
“Call me?” he asks as he hands over the latte – checking it twice to secure the lid.
“Maybe,” I reply coyly, flashing one final smile and sashay my way out of the coffee shop to show off my shoes one last time.
The shoes have done their job…and I have a new date to look forward to.


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