Style Discovery on Cape Cod

I was in desperate need of some classic, short and comfy heels for my new job.

Now, Cape Cod is lovely in the summer, and you can get your absolute fill of tourist shops, ice cream stands, and clam shacks, but in Osterville, if you’re looking for great shoes, you’d better bring a magnifying glass.

Not to say that there aren’t some little corners of sophistication in my quaint Cape Cod town. We’ve A Soho-style restaurant, and a unique gourmet grocery. And, as I discovered on a recent stroll through the center while waiting for an art gallery to open, wedged between the bank and a clothing store on main street is a little slice of shoe designer heaven called… The Shoe Salon.

Now you might be thinking, what is the big deal with a shoe store? Well, the thing is that Cape Cod has no department stores besides Macy’s and definitely doesn’t have the type of shoe stores that Boston or New York can offer. Finding anything “designer” is out of the question, and you can forget about finding a sale. You see, the Island shuts down in the winter, housing only 230,000-year round, residents. So you can understand why most businesses wouldn’t take a risk in an area with such few locals.

This is why—as you can imagine—I was beyond excited to gaze through the window and see a gleaming pair of black Stuart Weitzman pumps. Actual designer shoes in my little town? I decided to go in for a look-see.

Inside, nicely placed on a pedestal and gallery-like shelving were the glamorous works of Tayrn Rose, Cole Haan, Kate Spade and my buddy Stuart W., to name a few.

I asked the nice older woman if I could try on the pair of Cole Haan ½ inch heels.

They were exactly what I was looking for and at a reasonable price! So, I bought the fabulous black “Fiona” pumps for $275.00 and I can promise that they are—to date—the most comfortable shoes that I own.

I wear them confidently and comfortably all six blocks from my car to my office building, on an uneven brick walkway. Oh and because they are black, they conveniently match all my business wear! What is great about the Shoe Salon is that they are a small store that not too many people know about, so they always have my size and amazing sales.

If I had not ventured—in my own little town—I might not have discovered this little shoe heaven.

I now look forward to finding unique shoe stores around the Cape. Islanders can be shoe lovers too, right?


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