Many Shoes, One Sole for Quick Change Travel

Punctuality isn’t one of my virtues. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone to hear that on our return layover through Atlanta on December 26th, my husband and I started our Christmas cards. We reduced ourselves to a puddle of giggles by scribbling nonsense on the backs of our bizarre photo greetings and sticking Star Wars stamps on the envelopes. Then, I meandered down the mismatched marble walkway of terminal D to find a Post Office drop box.

In my absentmindedness, I almost missed Friedman’s shoes. Though I knew our plane was about to begin boarding, a voice in my head begged, “Just see what they are hawking to harried holiday travelers.”

I wandered to the wall of mostly non-descript wedges, sighed and turned to…


What were those? There. Over on the counter in the center. Were those snaps on the side?

Upon closer inspection, I determined that they were indeed industrial strength snaps similar to the ones on the Jon Wye belt that I just bought Jason for Christmas. How odd! How ingenious! They allowed a gal to switch the tops off so she could flip her flops to fit any occasion.

Whoa, packing plenty of footwear to match multiple ensembles could be a cinch now.

Onesoles by Quick Change Artist offered an array of eleven different sole styles ranging from flats to 3-inch heels that can be interchanged with any of the flexible uppers. Each set of soles comes with a choice of three optional snap-on mates.

But guessing that I didn’t have time to try anything on, I wrote down the website, and headed back to gate D36.

Somewhere around gate D30, I heard Jason shout my name. Like a poodle on painkillers, I slowly surveyed my surroundings.
“Karen,” Jason pleaded. “Run.”

As I started sprinting, random strangers began cheering, “ Go Karen,” in between bursts of laughter. My embarrassment only increased as I reached the gate and realized that I had no idea where I had stuck my boarding pass.

“Just get on the plane,” our unamused airline attendant ordered. “I’ve paged you several times so I know that you are booked on this flight,” she explained.

I guess it is a good thing that I didn’t try to get photos of the crocs with the Mickey Mouse shaped holes for you.


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