The Quest for a Real Sole Mate

Finding a soul mate is a lifelong quest for some, yet a random act of the universe for others. It’s the plot of many a romance novel, the theme of a too-sappy chick flick, and the mantra of the poets among us.

Since I’m beginning to give up on the notion of true love in my future, I’ve settled for my own version of love and affection – in the form of shoes. Blahnik, Prada, and Gucci are more frequently penciled into my Covey planner than any date these days.

Only the shoe-obsessed can truly understand the process of coveting, the thrill of discovering a new love, and the satisfaction of acquiring the latest interest that appeals to the soul.
My quest fills my void, it’s my raison d’etre that rarely disappoints. Instead of wallowing in any pain of singledom, I’ve turned my facts of life into the ever-so-constructive quest of finding the perfect shoes – every week – each one a step closer to finding a real sole mate. The One I will cherish forever, the One that I will always reminisce about the day we met. We’ll go on great adventures, my sole mate and I, off to see the world.
Until that Big Day, I’m willing to continue on with my search – enjoying my weekly thrills that begin on mundane Mondays where I’m usually trolling shoe catalogs online and avoiding work meetings. And reaching their climax by Friday afternoons as I count down to the 5 o’clock hour and am set loose on the field, armed with credit card in hand.

Looking for love in all the right places in my red-heeled Tapeet wedges, of course. The platforms that help me reach the top racks of any boutique shelf for hidden gems, complete with a glossy black patent leather band for ultimate comfort – they easily slip into my Marc Jacobs tote I carry along to work on Fridays, ready for the occasion.
Hard work, preparation, and dedication to the quest for the ideal – it will all pay off someday.

Until then, it’s just me and my Tapeets


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