Finding The One(s) …Metallic Sandals by Joie

Upon moving to Boston, fate blessed me in the friends department with three fabulous women with whom I have tons in common. We are all in the same program in graduate school, we all love to travel, and we all love to shop. Of the four of us, Erica is the most well traveled, and it’s her wedding this summer that is giving the rest of us an excuse to trek to a village in Tuscany where her mother grew up. Consequently, we now have an excuse to go on a mission for comfortable, flat open toe sandals despite the distinctly chilly pre-spring weather.

To be brutally honest, my first thoughts about this trip to Italy had little to do with fashion. I was more worried about flights, hotels, and train rides. The more the four of us talked, though, the more I realized that the fashion for this trip would be as important as any of those other elements. Erica explained that the weight of the fabric, the cut, and the style of her dress would be highly scrutinized by the women in attendance; Italian women who had been raised with impeccable taste because of their proximity to the runways of Milan. “So, even though we’re going to be doing lots of walking, no sneakers, right?” Our other friend, Erika, who once lived in Rome, looked alarmed at the suggestion. “You might look like a tourist,” she said gently. “Plus that, you’ll be too hot. Stick with sandals.”

And so began my quest for the perfect summertime sandal. The way that other people make lists of qualities that their future partner must have, I began to gather characteristics that my ideal sandals would posses. I narrowed it down to three attributes: they had to be versatile, chic, and comfortable. Then, last Sunday at Neiman Marcus, I found The One(s)– classic, comfortable, leather metallic sandals by Joie that feel like perfection on feet that have been boot-clad for far too long. What can I say? It was amore at first sight. Now all I have to do is wait another four months until it’s warm enough to wear them…


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