Of Wedding Bliss & Blisters

Thanks to a wonderful Christmas morning surprise, I’m now sporting a gorgeous, glistening diamond on my left ring finger.

But before I had a chance to fully languish in the happiness of being engaged it was time to start planning a wedding. After weeks of searching, scouting and consultations, the location, photographer, florist and dress are secured. So naturally, being the shoe-aholic I am, my thoughts have now turned to bridal footwear.

Wedding shoes are a funny thing.

They’re rarely seen if you wear a big dress, yet they play such an important role on your wedding day. They have the job of carrying you down the aisle, waltzing you around the dance floor for your first dance, and holding up all night while you enjoy the best party of your life. You want to look absolutely fabulous, but of all days, your wedding day shoes need to be comfortable as slippers as well as look great. Needless to say, I wanted my shoes to be special. Unsatisfied with the conventional white satin variety, I hit the malls hoping to find something spectacular to wear on my wedding day.

An article in one of my (growing stack of) wedding magazines mentioned that many brides designate their shoes as the “something blue” in their outfit. I fell in love with the idea, so finding dainty blue wedding day shoes has become a minor obsession of mine. I’ve spent hours scouring the shoe department of every store around, from Macy’s to Saks and everything in between. When my in-person searches were fruitless I took my obsession online, where the possibilities are endless – or so I thought.

The only really fabulous shoe I’ve found is Christian Louboutin’s blue-soled wedding pump.

The idea is perfect, but unfortunately for me I don’t have the narrow feet necessary to wear Louboutins. I learned this two years ago when I sprung for a gorgeous patent pair, only to return them a week later because I couldn’t wear them for more than 3 minutes at a time.

So, for now, my search wears on to find the perfect pair. Until I find them, I’ll dream of a beautiful 3.5 inch pair of baby blue peep toe pumps.

They’ll feel like I’m walking on a cloud and will look like a million bucks, and I’ll find them on sale in just my size. Yeah, yeah, I know – it‘s definitely wishful thinking.

But a girl can dream, can’t she?


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