Daring Shoe Resuce at Sea

Shopping over at my Beaty’s, my favorite shoe store, just next door to Bristol in Kingsport, TN, I hit the jackpot. I just fell in love with a pair of Via Spiga Suede Wedge High Heel Slides with incredibly intricate scroll design even on the wedge. When I realized they were on clearance and to be had for only $35, we became instant bffs. Me and my new Via Spiga’s went everywhere together. And I do mean everywhere.

So when my real best friend and her husband invited me for a day on the lake in their spiffy boat, I never gave it a second thought.

I mean it wasn’t like I was going hiking or something. I was going to just lounge around on deck, soak up the sun, and look at my pretty slides.

This worked out great… until it started to rain. And rain harder… and harder… and harder.

Hey, I can handle this, I thought. I’ll just walk slowly off the boat when we get to shore, and cover the Via Spigas in the meantime. Getting wet was not going to kill me, or my hair. I was not going to fall down!

We made it back to the dock, and set up some cover. So far, so good. Then, another couple happened by and asked for us to come on down for a little rain-delay hospitality in their boat way down the other end of the Marina.
OK, I can handle this, too. I thought. They ran. I walked. They are shoes, I figured.. A little rain won’t kill them.

Now, when I arrive I look up at this towering boat, hoisted up in the air on its hydraulics.
Why? Don’t ask me. I know about daniblack slingbacks, not Grady White boats. In order to get up onto this monster, we had to stand on a beer cooler, raise up our arms and get hauled in by our brawny pals. Ain’t we got fun now.
Picture one guy beneath me for support, and one guy above as my personal lift, and you get the idea.
Graceful? Hell no.
While I struggled for survival, the worst case scenario suddenly came roaring into being: my NEW SHOES slipped on the rain-slick cooler top and I felt one fly off my foot. Oh My Lord! My VIA SPIGAS!!!
Like a mom whose babe is in danger, I shrieked and wrenched myself free from the grip of the tag team trying to pass me into the boat. I had to rescue my shoe!!
Free, I looked down…. My shoe, my new beautiful shoe, was floating, barely, under the boat. It had only seconds to live.

I jumped like a madwoman to the dock and plunged one arm straight into the water, in the middle of the downpour, stretching as far as possible for the Via Spiga. while my other hand held onto a piling for balance. I could practically hear the suspense music from “24” in my head as the critical moments passed. Tick! Tick! Tick, BOOM!

Got it!!!!!
I rolled back onto the dock a little sore, but triumphant. I held up my prize.
A bunch of worried friends stared down at me, thinking I’d fallen… or lost my mind.
“Are you OK?!!”
“Oh I ‘m fine. I just had to get my shoe”
“WHAT!!!???!!!” said the guys, all at once.
“Ah,” said the ladies. “We’ll explain it to you guys later. Meanwhile, let’s get her out of the rain.”
And then my best friend said, “Nice shoes, Carter.”


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