Killin’ It With DJ Bakers Cheetah

Last week, my brother invited me out with his friends to a local hip-hop spot in Philly.

His best friend and his crew were planning to perform there for “Industry Tuesdays,” a night when all of Philadelphia and Jersey’s underground hip hop artists are invited to perform their works to a public audience. They wanted all the representation they could get

None of my girl friends were available, but I do what can, so I decided to trek alone, the only girl with my brother and his friends.

But I wasn’t worried… I knew being surrounded by guys meant I wouldn’t have to pay for anything!

Plus, I figured there would other women once I got to the club. I strapped on my Bakers Cheetah knee-high boots and headed out.

The second we arrived, I realized my mistake. The place was soaking in testosterone.

Various male artists took the floor flaunting their talents. The room was gray and dark and swelled with hip-hop rhythms. The ground vibrated with loud bass.

You could literally count the number of women there on one hand…there were five.

But as I looked around, I started to feel more and more comfortable. Because every one of us Fab Five were stylish females dressed in adidas, flat boots, and heels. We were holding our ground surrounded by men in hoodies and timberland boots. My knee-high platform boots felt just fine.

Then, one by one, these feminine soft-spoken women took the stage and put their game faces on. They became soldiers behind the microphone, leaving all of us in awe. Each one stood and conquered. The night belonged to them.

The five women in the crowd stole the show that night, the men simply bowed down to their talents.

And I was proud to witness it.


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