All Bunny, All The Time… Where Have you Gone, Roger Rabbit?

Who hasn’t had a pair of crazy fun slippers?

Maybe even more than a general love of shoes, I love slippers. Many interesting pairs have graced my closet over the years including ones resembling hairy monster feet.

But my all-time favorite pair of slippers were the Roger Rabbit slippers I received at Christmas one year. They were huge, like a stuffed toy, with Roger Rabbit in his bright red pants with the yellow buttons jutting out from the tops looking all zany and goofy.*

*(ed’s note: couldn’t find a picture of said slippers anywhere, but we did find the above most awesome dune buggy/rabbit slippers snap at the fun blogspot, HopScotch. Their motto: All Bunny, All the Time. If anybody has a pix of Roger Rabbit slippers, send ’em on in.)

That year I competed in the eighth grade Science Fair at my school. The project presentations happened to coincide with the school’s Spirit Week, and the day I gave my science project presentation was “Crazy Slipper Day,” one of the theme days for Spirit Week.

Everyone was decked out in their goofiest slippers, myself included. I gave my presentation, which was all about diet, health, and nutrition, in my Roger Rabbit slippers and ended up winning First Place in the Science Fair! No doubt it was more about the slippers than any McGroarty Zone Plan I came up with.

In fact, don’t remember the presentation particularly well at all, but I definitely remember standing in front of my class in those crazy slippers.

I know there are more crazy slippers in our closets….. What’re yours?


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