Spring Awakening?

ed. note: (Faith Deutschle wrote this post in a giddy moment of January Baltimore thaw. Shoetube being in the midst of a January freeze at the time, we just grumbled, “How nice for her,” and forgot about it. But it’s warm today in Boston, and March in Boston sort of being the equivalent of January everywhere else out there in civilization, we have come to our senses and now understand pre-spring footwear fever. Enjoy.)

Despite the fact that it is supposedly acceptable to wear open-toed shoes with stockings, I personally cannot stomach it. In the winter, all my open-toed shoes are whisked away to the nether regions of my closet never to bee seen until the first dawn of spring.

Today I awoke to my normal winter routine; wash face, apply extra moisturizer, begin search for black tights, darn a wool dress, putt on knee-high boots, and head out the door 15 minutes late.

However, as soon as I locked the door behind me, I began to sweat. I looked up to see a bright shiny ball radiating heat—those of you on the west coast call it the sun.

It was at least 60 degrees out.

No need for tights and definitely no need for stuffy boots. Suddenly, I forgot all about my 9am meeting with ‘Bill What’s His Face.’

I ran back into the house, tore apart my closet, and heard the angels sing as I stuck my feet into a cute pair on toe revealing sling-backs.

My joy was short lived. Peeking out of my shoes was the ugliest bunch of unmanicured toes on the east coast (perhaps even the west).

Needless to say, I sadly put back on my boots. However, I was inspired to surf the internet for a new pair of ‘spring shoes.’

Spring is the time of year for budding romance.

Well I am quite smitten. Her name is Nolita (pictured above), and she is one of the many beautiful daughters of Manolo Blahnik. She’s a princess, it’s true, and it requires effort, and $545 cash to win her (her full given name is Manolo Blahnik Nolita d’Orsay Pump). But she is worth it.

And while I have never dated a woman before, she could be my first. Come May we will both spring eternal—pending a pedicure and bonus check of course.


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