Soxy Fashion

I don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but where I am, it’s downright cold.

The kind of cold that makes one think twice or three times before crawling out of bed to use the bathroom. The kind of cold that makes one dread getting out of a hot shower, unless you have one of those heated towel bars and most of us don’t.

It’s so cold…how cold is it…t

hat I kept my thick, fleecy white socks on all day long.

Yep, the same ones that I wore to bed last night. Those thick, not so flattering socks that feel like someone is caressing my foot. T

he ones I got as a stocking stuffer, pardon the pun.

Well, I stuffed these stockings into my black leather Aerosoles. The ones with the bows on the toes. Why didn’t I choose a pair of Uggs or those gorgeous leather Italian boots? Frankly, the Uggs aren’t really wearable to a meeting for business, and the Italian boots are eight times more gorgeous than they are comfortable.

Sure, I’m short, but do I really need to wear a 3-inch heel? Not today.

So I ventured out to a meeting with black pants, my fluffy white socks and my adorable lighter than air Aerosoles, looking like my ankles were twice their normal size and not giving one wit because, folks, my feet were warm.

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